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What makes our products different – and better

Raw, whole food ingredients. The secret behind the purity and potency of our products is simple: We insist on using only the finest ingredients, the majority of which are not only Certified Organic but are whole, unprocessed foods. These raw food ingredients provide essential nutrients for pets’ optimal health.

High purity, potency and palatability. We take care to ensure that our supplements retain their effectiveness and taste appeal every step of the way, from start to finish.

From a family owned and operated company. Since 1998, we’ve made it our mission to maximize the health and wellbeing of pets – including our own. That’s why we use Wholistic Pet Organics supplements and health products every day with our precious pets.

Made in the USA. Each batch is blended and packaged in our own New Hampshire facility. We take extra care to ensure that every product we make is of the highest quality and purity, so you can feel confident about the products we provide.